Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Group’s focus is on teaching young people how to have a relationship with Jesus by encouraging them mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. Youth are welcome from Grades 7 to 12, ages 12 to 25. The youth ministry is supported by the parish and are an important part of the whole church family. There are three parts to our Youth Ministry

Sunday Morning Teens – 10AM Sundays from September to June. Part of the Sunday School Program. Grade 7 to College/University, Aged 12-25. This group looks at bible studies based on many service weekly readings, the gospels or by the will of the group…exploring parts of the bible they have questions about and the impact on their lives.

Senior Youth Bible Study – 10AM Saturdays from September to June. Grade 11, 12, College/University, aged 16-25. Located in the Pioneer Hall at St Cuthberts, or at a coffee shop near by. This group is a Bible focused group. Currently we are looking at “The Case for Christ” study as a starter for this group. The group is also focused on volunteer work within the community and possible Canadian missionary group participation. Contact Darren Jesperson by email:

Wednesday Night Youth Group - every Wednesday evening from 7 – 9 pm in St. Cuthbert’s Hall at the Church. This group is open to the community and is a safe place for youth to come and learn about Christ.  This group also does many Christ center activities and socialization with other youth looking for the same thing.  Many studies include the Youth Alpha Program & Christianity Explored for Youth.

Our Youth Group also part of the BCYAYM (B.C. & Yukon Anglican Youth Ministry) and DYM (Diocesan Youth Ministry)

Contact : Darren Jesperson

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