I think back to the last time I flew into Tel Aviv.  I found out ahead of my arrival what a cab fare to Jerusalem should be.  So I held my ground in the face of the elevated, "Welcome to the Holy Land" fares.  I arrived on the top of Mt. Zion, as close to the address that the cab could get.  It was past midnight and a cool breeze was blowing.  I was let out between a soccer pitch and The Dormition Abbey.  As the cab drove off, I thought, "the adventure begins..."  I had the school brochure with a postage-stamp sized map.  And I had a compass.  Thankfully the map had a "N" orientation, so knew where North was and could get my bearings.  In no time I was ringing the bell, as instructed by the sign at the door. The Registrar Ginger was up and letting me in the gate in no time.  Once shown to my room, I was ready for sleep.

A Woehrle had been there before.  My Uncle Charles had accompanied the first group of students to the "Institute" in 1958, the year I was born.  He had a living relationship with the school all his life.  One of the stories I remember him telling about that trip, was him taking pictures of the recently recovered Dead Sea Scrolls.  Through a connection, he was able to use the prototype 'high speed' film that his company had developed (no pun intended).  The upshot was that he did not need a flash, even in the low light condtions of the room where the scrolls were being examined.  The resulting slides he showed to countless groups.  He related that often the Rabbis in the audience would get out of their seats to touch the Holy Texts of Isaiah.  I found that through my experience of studying the historical geography of the Holy Land, the Bible made the land come alive and the land made the Bible come alive for me.  Looking forward to returning!