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Bible Day Camp for Children at St. Cuthbert’s July 24 - 28
We are offering “Something to Celebrate!” exploring Parables from the Gospel of Luke. Campers will hear Jesus’ stories of The Two Houses, The Two Neighbours , The One Lost Sheep The One Lost Son and The One Found Son.  Each day our program unpacks one of these parables through songs and games, small groups, crafts and liturgical dance all geared to campers of 4-12 years.

Cost is $100.00 per child.
If cost is keeping your child from attending, please contact Pastor Paul.

We are looking to build a leadership team to lead this, ages 12 – 95.  Speak with Jegatha Rajkumar.

Here is a sample of a camp day!

 9:30 - 10:00 Registration and crafts    

10:00–10:45 Main Presentation                                                            

10:45–10:55 Snack                                                                                    

10:55–11:55 Small Groups and Games                                                 

11:55–12:30 Grace and Lunch                                                                

12:30–1:15 Creative Connections / *Scrambler Afternoon Program               

1:15–2:45 Special Event / Scrambler Afternoon Program                

2:45–3:00 Song and Closing Prayer