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Job Posting:   Rector of St Cuthbert, Delta
Terms of Employment:   Full time, permanent
Salary range:   $64,585.00 – $92,769.00 per year + Car Allowance & Benefits
Application Deadline:   Thursday, August 8th, 5pm PST
Parish Website:
Application submission details included at the bottom of the post

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The Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster is seeking applications for the position of Rector of the Parish of St Cuthbert, Delta. This is a full-time, permanent position.


St Cuthbert describes itself in these words:

St. Cuthbert’s is a caring, welcoming and diverse community of Christians.
People of different ages, ethnicities, talents and interests find their spiritual home here.
We share a common dedication to worship God through the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Through opportunities to worship, learn, serve, laugh, give and love together, we grow each day into a family devoted to God.
Through our years of worshipping as a community, a consistent thread has been the commitment of parishioners to Christ, to each other, to the parish, and to the broader community.
People join our parish as strangers and become family.

Some notable features of the community life include:

35 member Sunday School (average attendance of 23 children and youth / week)
7 weekly small-group Bible studies
Monthly low-cost lunch for parishioners and the broader community
Meal program for at-risk new moms
Sanctuary built in the 1990s
22 ministry leaders across 27 active ministries
One of the most ethnically diverse parishes in the diocese
Has consistently run an end-of-year surplus

Some qualities the parish is seeking in their next rector are:

Faithful to the ways of Jesus, committed to our community, and excited to guide us as we grow in Christ and grow our parish.
Kind to all who come seeking -- all ages, genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds.
Helps create a safe space for all.
Inspiring, through teaching, warmth, energy, humour and respect.
Able to identify and tap into people’s strengths, support people when they are down, and challenge us to live out our faith.
Enthusiastic about working with young families and supporting our music program.
Eager to use great organizational and planning skills to bring new ideas to fruition.


To submit an application, please email the Executive Archdeacon, the Venerable Nick Pang, at Please include the following, and only the following, in your submission.

Cover letter
Completed application form for parish priests (download template below)
Letter of good standing from your bishop (if applying from outside the Diocese of New Westminster)*
* Please note, the Letter of Good Standing is a letter attesting that you are a priest or pastor in good standing in a jurisdiction in communion with the Anglican Church of Canada. It is not a reference letter.