If you are baptized in water in the the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, you are encouraged to receive the bread and wine of Holy Communion every Sunday. 

Sunday 8:00 am Book of Common Prayer. 

The service is a contemplative said service (no choir or music) in an intimate opportunity to worship at the start of the day. You are invited to join us at a local restaurant for breakfast and fellowship following the service.

Sunday 10:00 am Book of Alternative Services.

We have an Organist/Pianist and an Adult Choir weekly, with the Youth Choir leading on occasion.

Sunday School community (for children ages 3 to 18) are available (September to June), a Nursery (for children under 3), and Crying Room (for children under 2).

Please join us after the service for coffee, tea and fellowship.

Thursday 10:00 am  Book of Alternative Services.

The service is a said service. It is followed by coffee, tea and fellowship in the Narthex.